Movie’s that I recommend

I love movies! I couldn’t agree more with the line in one of my movies that I’m about to list here shortly. The lead female character had said “It’s said that if a man has a big DVD collection then he is lonely.” 

I’m not going to go into detail for every movie either. I’m not that guy whatsoever and I’m not going to critique them either. What I will do is just share with you some that you may have never heard of or passed it while scanning for something good to view on Netflix.

If by chance you decide to get to know what I like them here is a glimpse of my kind of Cinema.

Stuck in Love


The MatchBreaker- RIP Christina Grimmie

Listen to Your Heart


Take Me Home

Be Somebody


Liberal Arts

The Right Kind of Wrong

In Your Eyes

Before We Go

Begin Again

Seeking a Friend For the End of the World


A Royal Night Out

How He Fell in Love

Natural Selection

Love and Honor

5 to 7- RIP Anton Yelchin 

Good Kids

In the Land of Women

Jackie and Ryan