This House (A lyrical poem) 

​White Walls be better friends then beating hearts

Obsession with perfection you won’t find that here 

Do you think your smart? 

Ask Elizabeth cause I don’t know

She escaped a special kind of hell

One that I don’t ever want to know

Here I am
Too humiliated to go on out and settle in 

But yet, You say we are friends? 

Then why is it that Joey barely ever wins! 

I’m different then most 

Pain is a lovely host 
I’m Scared straight to a corner of my mind

Sleeping even gets robbed from time to time

No solice found is it Winter now? 

I think not cause there’s hurricanes and tornadoes going around
Behind all the beauty there is shame

We all sin 

Everybody’s lame 

Locked up with all that guilt

See the new face of fear

I feel for you homie cause in my head is a cell 

This is the house that evil built
But what if I told there’s truth out there

Would you like a way out?

An escape from this Thirteen Ghost house 

Three nails and a cross is all it takes

You won’t ever have to see that 

Tragedies place 
Get down on your knees 

Use your last gasp of strength and look at the son in his face

Here is Heaven your new resting place