It is a powerful tool for the human psyche. The vast potential that something simple as a few words accompanied with a smile can do for another. 

 Everyday I struggle with myself to be that person who encourages others daily. This is what I want to be known for if anything at all in this life of mine. 

[Encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.]

 To be an introvert who loves to encourage is hard but it is a learning process that takes time with a bunch of faith and putting it into action despite not physically being around people on a daily basis. 

 (Currently I’m locked in my room as I write this despite having my roommate and another being in the living room) 

 To have the power to uplift anyone at any given moment is a reward. Encouragement has to power to change people’s attitudes, life outlooks, how they react in situations. A whole life can be changed when you invest in someone by simply being there for another. 

 I encourage you my fellow readers to not get caught up in all your current activities of the day and miss out on opportunities to lift another up with kindness. 

 Small efforts have BIG impacts. 

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

~Anne Frank 


Eye Level

 I’m fairly new to this to begin so I think that to anyone who comes along on this journey should throughout​ any possible preconceived notions, all stereotypes, anything that is going to hinder anyone from anything they or you or even I gain from this. 

 Simply put, my honest view of this is that I’m not sure what will come except that you’ll see things from my point of view or aptly named “My eye level.” 

 First things first about this, about me, my thoughts, my views, my life is that I am not going to condemn anyone or anything. I will though stand up for my beliefs and all that I think is right. Nothing will be spared, questions could be asked and answered if need be as well. 

 The inspiration behind this blog life was not something I wanted to start doing cause committing to this will be hard and though it has been brought to my attention that I should write for numerous years and share this life of mine could help someone, anyone. 

 I’m literally unsure of this notion that I can make a difference but God is Good and he’s in the business of making miracles happen. Heck, I was born!!! 

 I consider myself to be somewhat of a jerk and very rediculous all around. Man-child even due to my obscene love for the character who chose to never grow up. That’s right, it is Peter Pan. 

 Every word used to describe people could be thrown my way. Some words are obviously more intriguing to be used but I honestly let harmful words way waste to dissolve on my shoulder into dirt that will be brushed off.

 So to answer my own question of Why Did I give my first blog the title of “Eye Level”? I think that deep inside human beings we all want to be equal despite all the push and pulling off society to become better than everyone else. We all have basic instincts, needs, emotions, fears, intrigue, desires, Lamentations, Joy’s and love. Most of all every human being wants to find their way to be understood and accepted by everyone else.

That’s eye level to me!

 My height of 5’9″ is the same as possible millions of people in the world, equate my weight and the numbers shrink. Let’s add in my eye color and shrinks even more. Then there’s my Caucasian soon tone.

 Differences of the physical kind can be seen and used as both a positive and a negative thing. All that is, is a mindset in my view. All human beings are created equal and in the image of God but with a touch of uniqueness instilled inside them by His Majesty alone. 

 What is truly special is how we think individually, how we perceive things within our own spectrum, the likes and dislikes that we approve of or disassociate with and our nature that makes me different then my viewers, my followers (if gain any ever in my life), my family, my friends and so forth. 

 This is just a stepping stone to my world. It’s a broad view of a narrow path to say the least. From here on or there will be many things I’ll be sharing. Over the course of time if anything is achieved out of this I’d like to be able to communicate myself and who I am to everyone. 

 Thanks for taking sometime to read and support this endeavor. I’ll do my best to cling what is good (Romans 12:9) despite my love for all humor. 

God bless, Good luck, Namaste, Goodnight. 


Chace Pena