Here this is for you ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  Everyday in this world we live in I have this intense feeling within my soul that there are people out there who depart themselves from their time, talent and treasures.

  I’m speaking both biblicallyโ€‹ and worldly. There’s honestly more kindness out in the world despite the media informing us of all the world’s tragedies. Genuine, heartfelt, bright eyed, cheek to cheek smiles circulate the global over because people love to see others happy even if it is just our loved ones. Even those who have done some very horrible things in the world have loved ones and they still give. 

  I thoroughly enjoy reading what I like to call “Happy News“. That is everything that is good, right, and wholesome in the world. The world I live in! Whether it be the local charity, Or see people I don’t know who donate to various causes, even people who support missions, etc. 

  One of my favorite stories is about a kid who was with his friends at a skate park and a mother had brought her little girl there to practice. Well this particular kid took (donated his time) to teach her some basics and some tricks. He GAVE up his time to help a stranger. Now to me I’m not into skateboarding but to here of a teenager do this out of know where still melts my heart. Here is that article:

  So what is it about this feel good phenomenon that every Faith, Creed and just straight-up basic human instinct does for one another called giving? 

  To me it is summed up beautifullyโ€‹ in these words- 

“From within our human heart we give because we see value in bringing cheer to another’s life. It isn’t about anything else but the one thing that makes the world go around and that is because of Love.” 

  •   Love is the very essence of our being

 It’s a notion of fulfillment given to me by God himself. Speaking

 personally from my faith I see as God giving me the gift of Salvation through his son Yeshua (Jesus the Christ King) all because he loved me first. [1 John 4:19].

I’m not here to biblical or to preach to anyone, I’m simply stating that I believe there is more giving in the world then evil and I encourage everyone to keep on giving. Keep on being kind to others. Most of all keep on LOVING especially those who you don’t really see eye level with. 

  Speaking of “eye level” check out my first blog ๐Ÿ˜‹

Thank you for your time lovelies. I appreciate you all and I’m glad to know that everyday we always do things for others (selflessly right?) ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ll talk to you soon!!!!


Chace Pena


4 thoughts on “Here this is for you ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  1. Chace you are an amazing person im so blessed that God has put in in our lives skylar absolutely loves being around you. You are an amazing writer dont stop i enjoy reading everything you post you have talent and the love for God and kids you show says alot. I look forward to reading your next article. โค

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  2. Chance I have read everything and I am so very proud to say I know you. You are so talented, truly amazing and I hope that there are many, many more blogs and posts. You have the God given words to touch millions upon millions.

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