Determining success

 Good afternoon lovelies, I’m back for the 2nd time in 24 hours. Don’t ever get used to this! I’m still not much of a talker. It’s not necessary to constantly share things at a relatively fast rate. 

 As I slept in until 11am since I didn’t fall asleep until 4:15am I thought about a few things that I wanted to say and now that I’m awake I wanted to let you know my thoughts on determining​what is successful. 

 Success is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “The accomplishment of an aim or a purpose.” That’s pretty much spot on a better definition then Webster’s. 

 What is my purpose in life and how do I become better and have success at getting there? Well at 31 years of age I am still unmarried, no child, playful, no real career, a wealth of knowledge and how to do’s and a Faith built on the Almighty. 

 That is a disaster that I say equates to using foul language with the word cluster inserted there as someone could whisper or shout of “What are you doing with my life?” 

 Kudos to you all for reading along with me as I  attempt to lay out what I think makes a person a success. Here are the key ingredients that I personally view to reach the pinnacle of this mental mountain. 

  1. God’s Guidance
  2. Humbleness
  3. Focus on your behavior
  4. Living peacefully with others 
  5. Not owing anyone and no one owing you anything
  6. Having patience with people, places, time and things
  7. Loving yourself

 Notice that nothing has anything to do with materials, money, fame, and all that other stuff? We earn that by becoming better versions of ourselves. 

 I’m not one to create things such this quote above but I’m definitely someone who loves to give others credit for their innovation and thought provoking nature. 

 There literally is beauty inside of everything. Creativity is an art of success just as much as the provocation and usage of words is. 

 If anything is to be done individually after reading this is that I hope that I will remain on my personal path to success and be that person who is there for others, who gains his own family and who loves the Lord more than his own life. A few extra dollars would help but only if it doesn’t hinder my walk in this life. 

 Have a blessed day beauties and beasties. 


Chace Pena


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